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Are you passionate about writing and the topics discussed on this website? Do you want a side income, or want to work from home?

This site has been set up with you in mind. We are looking for good writers, that enjoy writing articles to a high standard. It’s really easy too! All you have to do is use the writer account we give you, log in and write your article. You can then submit it for review from your dashboard.

After your article has been checked, it will be published and will be displayed on the site. Good job!

This site uses Google Ads to generate revenue, from advertisements placed within articles. Every time an ad gets clicked, we get a tiny amount for that click. All clicks are tracked, and we know how many clicked on an advert from your article. We then split this money 70/30. You get 70% of the revenue, and we take 30% to support the site. Amounts are transferred directly to your bank account or PayPal account each month.

We are unique in that we expect a high standard of writing, BUT we do support freedom of opinion. If you say that something is a hoax, you’ll be allowed to say it, but you must provide a good explanation behind your assertion.

What about topics? We have the usual high emotion topics such as racism, anti-Semitism, climate change etc, but we also have room for the more out there stuff. Do you want to write an article about a woman who was part of a death cult in the deserts of Arizona. Well, write the article and if it’s good, we’ll post it and we won’t judge.

Do you have a specialist field? Do you want to report in a category that we don’t have? Just let us know and we can create one for you.

We will be inviting such figures as David Icke, Pierce Corbyn, Steven Greer, Jordan Maxwell, John Lear and many more.

The more articles you write, the more exposure you get and the more ad placements. Which means you get more clicks and earn more.

Please contact: editor@outcast.media for more information.

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