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The Remarkable 2: Remarkably Delayed

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Remarkable2 Tablet

The Remarkable 2 is a tablet that has caused quite a hype in the past 12 months. It promised a very responsive e-ink screen, a two week battery life and top notch support and templates. It was also meant to be focused on those that didn’t want the distractions of an iPad or other tablet. Where the ding dings of Facebook would distract your ‘creative talent’.

Unfortunately, despite many pre-orders, the Remarkable 2 still hasn’t shipped. It was delayed for 10 weeks ‘due to Covid’. Many pre-order customers showed positivity on Facebook, and were understanding of Remarkable’s position.

However, just yesterday, it was delayed again by another 3 weeks. Again, they said that Covid was to blame. I don’t believe them in the slightest.

Review units have been sent out, so we know they can make them. So why can’t they make the pre-orders that people have paid for? Many have also forked out the excessive cost of upgrading the pen to have an eraser at considerable cost.

Also, if they knew they couldn’t meet the deadline, then why would they wait until a few days before the promised shipping date to let customers know?

You see, I think there’s a very simple reason. Order retention. By informing customers of a delay with the shortest amount of time possible (like the day before they are meant to ship), the customer doesn’t have as long a wait. This increases the chances that they’ll simply say ‘well it’s only 3 more weeks’.

Just last week I got an email from Remarkable telling me everything was on track, and that they foresee no issues with the deadline.

Now many customers will no doubt request a refund. I’ve just had my Remarkable pre-order cancelled, and I expect a full refund shortly.

My advice? If you really want a e-ink display, then you won’t find a device that’s cheaper than this pre-order offer. BUT, if you don’t need that, then just get a regular tablet with pen and put it on airplane mode if you don’t want to be distracted.

If you do go ahead with a pre-order, be prepared for almost zero communication from Remarkable, who are notorious for simply not bothering themselves with honest and useful customer updates.

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