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GTA 6 Release date: What can we expect from the new game?

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GTA 6: what can we expect ?

Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest selling games worldwide, it’s no secret that it has fans searching the internet for clues of a release for its sequel.

We are still waiting on official confirmation on a release date or even is there will be a sequel, however there has been talks and rumours of the game being in the early development stages.

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With an imminent release date not seeming likely, players are hoping there will some news soon of when this might be dropping.

With GTA 5 being released in 2013 players have been waiting eagerly over the past  7 years with hopes a GTA 6 could be on the cards. It has been heard from some on going rumours that the game will be mainly set in Vice City pleasing most players, as this was proven to be very popular in past, along with other key locations. From what we know currently its likely the game could be launching PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

As previously Rockstar games announced that GTA will be getting some major updates in 2020, with brand new exciting extensions and updates on GTA online.

They also let slip that there would be a brand new location featured, could this be an extension of current city or a total brand new city?

Fans keep hoping for an announcement hopefully in 2021, as all we have at the moment is rumours and speculation, players remain hopeful there will be further news soon on an exciting new sequel!

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