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2020 Comes To The Rescue With Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was released worldwide on Tuesday the 18th of August 2020 for PC , and comes with some pretty amazing features to further develop your flight training. One of the longest running simulator programs returns with a new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that blurs the boundaries between real flight footage and the virtual world as it sees it. Ever since I first read about the development from Microsoft in 2018 , I was honestly expecting disappointment.

Being an avid flight simulation gamer, I had tried and tested all versions of Microsoft’s previous releases of flight sims. Even X-plane’s variations that were originally developed in 1995. I started out young, being amazed by flight. I understood back then that graphics were not the issue. The whole choosing a destination and flying to it was my thrill, taking off and soaring through those horrendous rendered clouds at the time was the closest thing I had to the real thing. After using older generations of flight simulators for many years, it felt like it was a dying demand.

Until I saw Microsoft was developing a new and improved flight simulator. I was so excited at what they were reportedly bringing to the game. Including the out of this world graphical improvements, I knew I had to have it upon release.

I heard nothing for months and months, and then they released a teaser trailer. Seeing the potential of the quality graphics, I was absolutely shocked to see that it looked so real and immersive with the out of this world real land mass and structure. They use Bing maps to render maps at a mesmerizing distance. They hinted being able to fly over your own home. WHAT!!!

Seriously, I knew I had to upgrade my PC’s specifications to accommodate for this games high demand.

So another year goes by, and they release the minimum requirements. I started buying and upgrading a little at a time, purely for this game.

The day came and I bought the digital version of the release.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 looks phenomenal, a true feat of graphical fidelity unseen in other Sims and games alike. What’s more, it simulates with almost perfect realism, to the point where IRL pilots are considering it as a great tool for helping beginners to learn the basics.

There’s so much depth it’s almost impossible to cover in just a single blog post, so I’ll be linking to a number of useful videos below (including MFS’s own ‘Feature Discovery Series’), which cover everything here and more, in great detail, so definitely check them out.

One thing is for certain though: MFS is just awesome. The incredible detail is absolute perfection in my opinion , hopefull your thoughts on the game are just as impressive as mine

Oh, and here’s a few of my screenshot’s because honestly, why not? It’s such a visually impressive simulator. I also included my gameplay footage at the bottom of this article, just for some visual graphics to feast your eyes on.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released in three versions, the Deluxe Edition I purchased costs £109 on the Microsoft store and allows you to fly well over 20 different aircraft. You can control any aircraft and the yoke or joystick. The aircraft can also be controlled by three different pilots: a pilot, an instructor or a flight instructor.

This gives you a generous view of the outside world and allows you to enjoy all the wonderful views that Microsoft Flight Simulator has to offer. Start enjoying the beautiful view by finding out which version of Microsoft flight simulator best suits your needs.

In third-person mode, one of the first things to try out in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is to ask the player to practice his skills with things like landing. But you can just jump straight in to it and fly. Manuvering the camera with a drone like setting is just incredible. You can literally have any internal or external view. With an impressive droning distance.

In combination with the training courses available through the portal, you can further improve your skills and advance your training even further from the comfort of your own home. I think Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 could be a game that fulfills your daydreams, given the new capabilities you have mastered. If you want to relax and brag about your bragging rights, which means you can actually play, enjoy and conquer some of the most realistic flight experiences out there, then this is for you.

Microsoft Flight Simulator offers real world weather, and you won’t get tired of it anytime soon, as the number of places to explore seems endless. The handcrafted airports, flight simulators, training and other features are a respectable amount of content. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will launch in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Europe and Australia.

Its a massive game that is well over 90 gigabytes in size. If you have a copy of Microsoft’s latest flight simulation before this one, then you should be well prepared to find out which version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 you should buy. The great people of Windows Central have recommended specifications for Microsoft flight simulation games, so go to the recommended specification for a custom built or built one below – in the computer to start the game.

Believe me it’s a challenging game, so you need a pretty powerful PC to make the most of its experience. Microsoft Flight Simulator will technically run on a low-performing PC or laptop, but it needs a PC to run it comfortably. So, spend a little time on your computer and take advantage of this masterpiece, or not, because it will run on low-performing PCs.

To get the most out of Microsoft Flight Simulator, I strongly recommend that users run the game on recommended hardware.

I haven’t even thought about running Microsoft Flight Simulator on a non-gaming PC, but that won’t happen. If you want to try the game, you can buy it from the Microsoft store or other platforms selling releases including a physical release. Since it comes with all existing peripherals, you don’t expect to pay much money. But if you know that you play this game a lot, you should definitely do it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is not a game in the traditional sense; you don’t have to complete a set of missions for a wild, turbulent journey with challenging goals. What makes it exciting is that you can implement self-imposed challenges.

Where other games can capture you in your own head, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a playground of pure wonder. It looks incredible and creates a breath-taking realism, but there are the odd occasions when things go crazy. There are dozens of small blemishes in most views, and there is a strange opportunity where you will cause a crash.

This is quite an achievement, as many of the games fans assumed a few years ago that Microsoft would never revive or support it, and since this is the last revision. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 looks as good as it will look in the future. The incredible realism of the surroundings and the incredible flight control system are a sight to behold.

Now that I know that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will be released on Xbox One, many console players are asking themselves the following question: Will it be available on Xbox Series X or Xbox one ? A later date has not been revealed, but will most likely be in the near future, but the game will likely be available as a pre-order bonus for those who wait until way after the PC release. Honestly, the best way to experience it is on an Xbox Series X, even if you have to pick it up before Christmas, but I prefer to be involved with the gaming PC side of things. I certainly look forward to any and all potential mods that will be developed for this game.

Please feel free to leave any comments regarding the game . Plus I’d love to hear what set up you guys have.

For any further information contact me at dale@outcast.media

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