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Clucking Mad With Neigh Luck as Horse Box Gets Stuck in Scots KFC Drive-Thru

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Punters in Kirkcaldy couldn’t believe their eyes at the fast food joint in the town’s Central Retail Park.

Could you imagine the embarrassment, not only thinking you could take a horse box through a drive through, but getting stuck too.

Images of the unfortunate situation circulated social media (facebook/twitter ) were several hilarious comments were left.

One wrote: “The horse will be saying neigh luck to folk waiting in the queue.”.

Fortunately for the customer they did get their order, and police shortly arrived 10 minutes later to assist the owner with the removal of her horse box trailer, unfortunately, there was a crowd gathered laughing and pointing.

We here at Outcast Media interviewed a former employed of the KFC branch.

Cluck Norris is quoted:

“This is by far the funniest thing to happen at the Kirkcaldy branch, and I worked there for 6 years, they must have been clucking for a KFC.”.

“I can imagine my previous colleagues were flapping their wings with laughter, in my opinion I think it’s the one and only good thing to happen to Kirkcaldy . But I don’t know, I’m just a mad chicken.”.

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