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Absolutely Raving – Illegal Raves!

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Police break up illegal rave with 300 people in Huddersfield and over SEVENTY parties in Birmingham despite lockdown threat

COPS  broke up an illegal rave with 300 people in Huddersfield and 70 other parties in Birmingham despite a looming lockdown threat.

Officers were pelted with missiles as they busted the huge gathering in Huddersfield last night.

Thankfully no cops were injured as revellers turned “hostile” towards them.

West Yorkshire Police said they turned off the music and seized the equipment – with locals breaking out into “applause”.

A spokesperson said: “On Saturday evening, officers deployed to an illegal rave that was taking place in Deighton, Huddersfield.

“When officers arrived there were around 300 persons present many of whom were hostile and missiles were thrown at officers.

In Birmingham, which is facing a local lockdown due to a surge in coronavirus cases, 70 raves were attended by police last night.

One party even had two marquees and a DJ as revellers partied in the street.

A large house party was among those broken up by cops – with Birmingham Police urging locals to remember there is still a pandemic.

The force tweeted: “Please stick to Government guidelines and keep safe.

“Most people understand why we are doing this – stay safe – don’t risk spreading the virus.”

It comes as Birmingham was placed on the government’s watch list after a jump in new Covid-19 infections.

The city has seen a rise in cases from 22.4 to 30.0 – with 321 new cases in the last seven days.

This is more than double figures from a fortnight ago when 11 cases per 100,000 were recorded in the city.

Even just attending a large gathering can land party-goers with a fine of up to £3,200 in a bid to crackdown on the raves.

The Metropolitan Police in London has been deployed 176 times to reports of illegal raves between 25 June and 9 August.

And in the West Midlands, officers shut down 125 parties and raves – and closed a pub too.

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