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Boohoo: Sweatshops in the UK

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Boohoo’s supply chain has come under a full independant investigation, given the recent events surrounding it’s shocking behaviour. The investigation will call for public evidence, and investigate whether it ‘had knowledge of the allegations’. Earlier this month the online fashion retail company said it was ‘shocked and appalled’ by claims that workers were working for their business, were paid as little as £3.50 per hour in Leicester. 

Working premises were also accused of ignoring rules over social-distancing, putting their workers at risk of catching coronavirus. Boohoo launched an independent investigation headed by barrister Alison Levitt, and declared it would spend £10m to end malpractice. 

Levitt and deputy chairman Brian Small, the senior independent director, will provide their first update at the end of September. The pair will probe whether the allegations are ‘well-founded’, and consider the group’s compliance with the law – and make recommendations. The allegations have damaged Boohoo’s reputation, with shares down by a third since the start of the month, and are expected to recover very slowly. 

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