Freedom of Opinion

About Outcast.Media

Outcast.Media is a new and exciting news platform that takes a mix of authors and allows them to express their opinions without fear of being de-platformed or silenced.

Such authors may have been shunned for their opinions publicly, or have opinions that are unacceptable to the general consensus of the public/main stream media.

We value these opinions, and although they are the opinions of the writer, we don’t remove authors or articles just because people don’t like them.

We try and get articles and writers that represent both ends of the spectrum. For example, a pro-fracking writer and an anti-fracking writer. We value people having conflicting opinions.

Do you want to write for Oucast.Media and earn commission on AdSense revenue? Simply email editor@outcast.media with a few articles and if they’re good, we’ll get you set up with a writers account.